John Calamari Humanitarian Award

About John Calamari

John Calamari (1937-2011) lived and worked on Hilton Head for 28 years. He was the owner of ITS Classic for 25 years.  He was devoted to his family, generous and loyal to his employees and many friends, and worked tirelessly in numerous ways to better the lives of community residents.


He was especially involved in youth programs, individuals with special needs, and organizations that benefited the less fortunate. John Calamari was one of the founders of the Italian-American Club of Hilton Head (IACHH). The Club continues to follow his legacy and support for local charities.


This annual award seeks to honor his memory and deeds and acknowledges individuals who personify John Calamari’s ideals and commitment to community service


Award Definition

The Humanitarian Award shall be an award that recognizes members of the club or residents of Hilton Head and Bluffton South Carolina, who are devoted to service and to the welfare of humanity. Community work should be demonstrated through:

• Perfecting the nature of mankind.

• Aiding those less fortunate.

• Eliminating the suffering and pain of others.

• Improving the lives of local residents

• Making a significant difference to a club, organization or individuals.


Who qualifies as a candidate for the John Calamari Humanitarian Award?

• Any person who meets the description of humanitarian as shown in the definition of the award.

• Any person who is a member of IACHH or who is nominated by a member in good standing that is a resident of Hilton Head Island or Bluffton, South Carolina.

• Any person who is a resident of Hilton Head Island or Bluffton, South Carolina (open to general public nominations)


How the nomination process works

• The member of IACHH or general public making the nomination will fill out the form provided and submit it to the committee. (forms available in November, due December 17.)

• The committee shall review the qualifications of the nominee to determine if all qualifications for the award are met. The committee shall notify the Board of Directors on the decision to award the honor.

• Committee to consist of past presidents of the club. They will select 4 finalist of the award and then the Board of Directors of the club to select the finalist.


What the IACHH will provide

A desk trophy or plaque that has the name of the “Humanitarian.” As well as the name inscribed on the “Memory Trophy.”


Who is responsible for the award presentation

The committee will mail all materials to the party making the nomination should the individual be approved for the award. The committee making the nomination shall be responsible for organizing and making the awards presentation. This may be in the form of:

• A written letter of recognition along with the award certificate and letter from IACHH

• A formal dinner for the purpose of recognizing the individual in January of each year

• A media release where the individual is recognized publicly

• An award of $2000.00 to charity of choice of recipient of award.



Application due December 15, 2016




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